Dubai claims to be the land of luxury and
an open society, but
"Escape from Dubai"  
will  make   you
think  twice  about  booking  a  trip there.
Read the  intriguing,  true  life  story of a
French  Engineer,  Herve  Jaubert,   who
was  lured  by Sultan  Bin  Sulayem, the
Chairman  of  Dubai  World,  to create a
large manufacturing  Company in Dubai,
and once there found himself ensnared in
a  trap  of    Government   coercion   and
extortion,  with  his  passport confiscated
and unable to return home .   
The Emiratis' plan to keep Herve in Dubai
overlooked one key detail in his resume:
Herve Jaubert was no ordinary man, he is
a former French elite Secret Operative.
These nefarious Emiratis learned too late
that   Herve had  the  skills  to  plan   and
execute  the  escape  of  his  life, to evade
the iron clad fists of the Dubai
Government and its corrupt legal

Escape  from   Dubai  and  this  website
will tell you what the Dubai Government
is covering up!

Verifiable accounts with supporting
documentation of the systematic
censorship, fraud, coercion and
corruption that  run rampant in Dubai.

And More!

The Author reveals details of his escape and
exposes the hidden side of Dubai.
You will find out the methods that the police
use to keep people under their  control,   and
how Herve Jaubert got around them.

Copyright © 2009
Escape from Dubai,
So few understand it.
Everyone including celebrities are all Dubai this, Dubai that. But it is
not Disney Land.

There is a  real DARK AREA  where  Dubai is using Foreign
A real dangerous area...with  invisible  borders  and  a corrupt
justice system  to  decide  who is allowed to leave and who is to be

If you want to know more about the risks and what could block
a tourist or an investor from leaving the UAE,    contact Herve
Jaubert for a confidential consultation.
If something is going to happen... you don't want to find yourself
like hundreds others, locked up or trapped indefinitely against
If anyone knows how to escape from the UAE it is Herve
Jaubert. So before it is too late and if you want to escape from
Dubai, contact Herve, he might have a solution.